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in the fast lane to hotel california

among the autumn leaves

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Hola lovelys.

This is a community for classic rock lovers alike.

So come, tell us a little about yourself by filling out an application. Make it spiffy if you like, and please put it behind a cut. This is not a rating community. You will not be judged on anything, because, after all, this is about music, not about us.

By the way,

Mods of the fishbowl:

You can contact us anytime on aim. Just send a text to either PeaceinVietnam or xxrockstatic.

[x] Application [x]

:::What’s your name, love?:::
:::Can we call ya anything else?:::
:::The date you first rocked the world:::
:::Gotta sign, baby?:::

:::What's your favorite band ever and why?:::
:::Any singers do it for ya?:::
:::Time warp: What’s your favorite era?:::
:::Soundtrack of your life...what is it, lovely?:::
:::Which swinging cat do you dig the most? *your musical idol..*:::

:::Just for giggles, gimmie a couple of those favorite words:::
:::Tell us what melts your heart, love:::
:::Where would you rather be:::
:::You knew it was coming, but why do you love music:::