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:::What’s your name, love?::: Hannah M Spangler
:::Can we call ya anything else?::: Sometimes Nan, sometimes Daisy, sometimes Meg, you pick really.
:::The date you first rocked the world::: July 30, 1988
:::Gotta sign, baby?::: Leo.. but it's never done anything for me.

:::What's your favorite band ever and why?::: The Beatles. They weren't the most amazing of muscians ever, but they were the best band ever... they did it first, they did it hardest, with the most style. Second would probably be Zeppelin.
:::Any singers do it for ya?::: Joni Mitchell, she's just amazing. Carol King too. Rufus Wainwright b/c his voice is moving.
:::Time warp: What’s your favorite era?::: 60s. Followed closely by the 80s.
:::Soundtrack of your life...what is it, lovely?::: Oh gosh. Um... probably Blue by Joni Mitchell or the Almost Famous soundtrack works nicely as well.
:::Which swinging cat do you dig the most? *your musical idol..*::: Probably either Bob Dylan or Nancy Wilson (b/c they've done everything and still have it)

:::Just for giggles, gimmie a couple of those favorite words::: Gazebo. Morocco. Melifluous. Will.
:::Tell us what melts your heart, love::: Will TK (mon coeur). Jimmy Page guitar solos. Rain. Kisses in thunder storms.
:::Where would you rather be::: In a park with my beau and his friends.
:::You knew it was coming, but why do you love music::: Because I cannot bear silence. Nature itself makes music and to harness music of the world and turn it into pattern, that is a gift from God. I love music because it flows, it pulls your heart, and has the ability to make you feel when you think you can't feel anymore.

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