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dance til your baby is a man!

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:::What’s your name, love?::: caitlin grae gilbert
:::Can we call ya anything else?::: cait, grae, cake, baby/tiny/teeny, addi, whateva you want heffa
:::The date you first rocked the world::: 3:11 am, may 27. 1989. summer tour.
:::Gotta sign, baby?::: gemini

:::What's your favorite band ever and why?::: sublime. they are sick. i really can't say why, it's just something i feel & can't explain
:::Any singers do it for ya?::: billy idol, mirah, bob marley, eric clapton, frank sinatra
:::Time warp: What’s your favorite era?::: early 70's to mid 90's heh
:::Soundtrack of your life...what is it, lovely?::: jack johnson, "on and on"
:::Which swinging cat do you dig the most? *your musical idol..*::: prince or bob marley, with sub-cats ranging from guns n roses to neutral milk hotel to built to spill to eric clapton to BTO to blue oyster cult to the eagles to sean na-na to the faint to frank sinatra to led zeppelin to cat stevens to the cure to ben harper to elton john

:::Just for giggles, gimmie a couple of those favorite words::: "when the violence causes silence, who are we mistaken?" -the cranberries, "and if the elevator tries to bring us down, go CRAAAZY!" -prince
:::Tell us what melts your heart, love::: irish accents, pretty blue eyes, & strong hands
:::Where would you rather be::: jamaica
:::You knew it was coming, but why do you love music::: "when it hits, you feel no pain" -bob marley (he said it best.)

caitlin grae
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