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[x] Application [x]

:::What’s your name, love?:::
:::Can we call ya anything else?:::
:::The date you first rocked the world:::
march 1,1989 , the month of luck.(good or bad)
:::Gotta sign, baby?:::
:::What's your favorite band ever and why?:::
neutral milk hotel
:::Any singers do it for ya?:::
holly golightly , chan marshell,jim morrison
:::Time warp: What’s your favorite era?:::
the groovy sixties
:::Soundtrack of your life...what is it, lovely?:::
1.he war or cross bones style-cat power
2.wild world-cat stevens
3.stab-built to spill
4.should've seen us yesterday-kissing book
5.naomi-neutral milk hotel
6.gone for good-the shins
7.perfect disguise-modest mouse
8.the way to market station-the aisler set
9.the best of jill hives-guided by voices
----granted i relize this is a classic rock community but no need for me to repeat everyone's same old favorites.----
:::Which swinging cat do you dig the most? *your musical idol..*:::
its hard to decied, in fact, its impossible.
:::Just for giggles, gimmie a couple of those favorite words:::
shameless, silly,vamps
:::Tell us what melts your heart, love:::
cigarettes and rasberry sherbert.
:::Where would you rather be:::
in florida, or italy.
:::You knew it was coming, but why do you love music:::
i love music because its the most wonderful thing in the world and nothing even compares.

joining this makes me feel as if im stalking katie. oh goodneess.
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